PMI Testing

The "Niton XL2 - XRF Analyser" is the ideal companion when carrying out Alloy Verification whether in the shop or in the field. It performs verification based on the principle of x-ray fluorescence whereby atoms in the sample under inspection are excited by the x-rays...

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Machining – Modifications

A few examples of modifications and machining are as follows: -                                  Cryogenic extension                     Valved by-pass                               Dead-Mans handle                  Interlock systems                Pipe pups                                        Ring Joints       Soft seat inserts                        Extension stems...

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Apart from testing our own valves we do offer a testing service which includes: - Hydrostatic testing, low pressure pneumatic, high pressure gas testing and low temperature testing. Our pressure test rigs can cope with sizes ranging from 1/2" thru to 36" and pressure rating classes 150# through to...

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+Our in house paint shop "Huntingdales" has over 25 years of experience in working in the Petrochemical Industry and are able to meet client painting specifications using recognised paint manufacturers. Over the years we have carried out specialised painting for most of the main oil companies...

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