PMI Testing

PMI Testing


The “Niton XL2 – XRF Analyser” is the ideal companion when carrying out Alloy Verification whether in the shop or in the field. It performs verification based on the principle of x-ray fluorescence whereby atoms in the sample under inspection are excited by the x-rays and the fluorescence which is omitted by the sample is then measured and the elements are quickly determined as well as their concentration, thus indicating a particular metal.

The “Niton XL2” is able to determine 22 elements, including Chromium, Nickel, Molybdenum, Iron, Titanium and Manganese to name but a few. The analyser is pre-calibrated for steels such as stainless, low alloy, tool steels, it also has alloys including Cobalt, Copper, Aluminium and exotic alloys. This 3.5 lb powerhouse XRF analyzer offers solutions and capabilities other analyzers are still trying to solve.

It has a proven track record for reliability and experience, it is the undisputed worlds leader in hand held XRF instruments for alloy analysis. Fast and accurate, it takes between 2 and 10 seconds for alloy analysis on large or small samples, solid or chip, turnings or shavings, wires or rods. Analysis can be carried out on hot surfaces up to 543 degrees C. Check sample is provided for confirmation of continuous high performance over short and long term. Truly non-destructive analysis along with rapid results. Once the inspection is completed, the data is then uploaded onto computer and can be printed off in our standard certification format or be transferred via an excel spreadsheet directly into a customers report thus eliminating any mistakes that may be made during manual handling. Contact Delta Pacific to discuss our services and your needs.

Quotes are available for on site PMI / Alloy Verification or for testing carried out in our shop.

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