Fit 4 Nuclear Assessor Visits DPV-UK

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Fit 4 Nuclear Assessor Visits DPV-UK

We’ve had had a successful visit from the Fit 4 Nuclear! We met our newly appointed assessor who enjoyed spending a few hours getting to know the business and us!

We’ve been gradually improving our Fit 4 Nuclear score because of our commitment to supporting the UKs future in Civil Nuclear power generation and because the assessment from the NAMRC provides a pragmatic and logical maturity journey with the six theme evaluation.

Paul Wilson from UKQMS who provide support to us, said β€œIt remains a pleasure to work with Gary and the team because they are committed to improvement, so we spend more time getting the improvements deployed. The Fit 4 Nuclear assessment is a valuable tool to provide a journey for the business and we aim to continue to increment our maturity through this model.”


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