Meet The Team – Ed Sheridan – Sales

Meet The Team – Ed Sheridan – Sales

As part of our ongoing ‘Meet the team’ series we’re introducing Ed….

What Are Your Main Responsibilities Within The Company?

I have recently taken on a new role within sales in the last few months so I am learning the ropes, but before this I was chief inspector in charge of all in house testing and carrying out inspection testing as per our clients specifications. I was also in charge of fitting and running our actuators to meet clients requirements, and I’m currently helping train the new testing inspector to ensure that my knowledge and experience is passed on so that we continue our high testing standards.

How Did You Get Into The Industry?

I joined DPV-UK in April 2001, to carry out deliveries and packing of goods, during this time I was shown the different valves within the industry and I was trained in fitting and setting actuators. I continued to receive on the job training and was then taught how to use the forklift truck. As the business grew and flourished, I was made warehouse Manager. I was in charge of dealing with the day to day running of the warehouse, including goods in, packing of the goods, deliveries and collection and loading and unloading of lorries and containers. I continued in this role for two years until I was asked to go and manage Huntingdales, now our paint shop. The company was based in Cambridge and this was an exciting challenge for me, stepping into a new role with the industry. I was responsible of the blasting and the day to day running of the company. Huntingdales was a small family run business and I was lucky to have our current head painter, Martin show me the ropes and introduce me to the coating and preparation procedures of the valve industry. We have  a very good reputation throughout the industry for our painting. As DPV-UK grew so did the painting business.

We moved to Mereside, Soham and the paint shop expanded, having more space and the facilities to paint bigger valves. I moved back into the warehouse following a member of staff leaving, this was a little different from when I started – I had learned and gained so much experience! Within that role I was now responsible for the day to day running of the warehouse and of testing and actuation. We had two test rigs and a variety of test flanges and we began taking on more third party inspections in house and for fellow valve companies.

I am now entering my 19 year with the company and I’m looking forward to my new role and continuing to grow within the company.

What Are Your Favourite Aspects Of Your Job?

My favourite aspect of the job is that everyday is different. You have your clients and each one requires different things on a daily basis. Also, while we have our set roles within the company, we are never too shy to lend a hand to assist in other departments to ensure we meet the day to day needs of DPV.

What Would You Never Be Without In The Office?

It’s that funny old saying when the phone rings and some one wants you to take a message or jot something down you can never find one or someone has borrowed it and never ever returns it – PENS – the most important thing I cant be without is a pen!

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