Passed with flying colours – Annual ISO9001:2015 Audit

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Passed with flying colours – Annual ISO9001:2015 Audit

We’ve achieved zero findings in our annual ISO9001:2015 audit from NQA. With the new simpler version of the quality management system in place and an improved set of business measures, the auditor was able to work through the assessment with ease.

Highlights included how well the system also integrated Health, Safety and Environment ISO standards as well as the effectiveness of the marketing where sales had shown an increase in the last year.

It is through the support of UKQMS (quality & improvement) and r-digital (marketing) that the business has been able to make strong progress.

Paul Wilson from UKQMS said; “Gary and the team at DPV-UK are exemplar at embracing not just quality management but the continuous improvement approach taking incremental and effective steps every year. What has been impressive in 2018 has been how all of us have worked to improve quality, marketing and the business as a whole and deliver real bottom line benefit. This is what it’s all about, I wish more would be like this in the UK!”.

Kate Risdon from r-digital commented; “It’s been fantastic working with DPV-UK this last year. The whole team have engaged with the marketing process and as a growing and continuously improving company, they have a lot to celebrate and share, which certainly helps me!”

Gary Summerskill, general manager, offers his congratulations to all the team and thanks them for their hard work making this possible.

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